Top 10 Ambulatory Surgery Center Chains by Member ASCs

Rank ASC Corporation City, ST Owned ASCs Owned ASC ORs
1) AmSurg Corp Nashville, TN 198 496
2) United Surgical Partners International Inc (USPI) Addison, TX 143 506
3) Surgical Care Affiliates Birmingham, AL 125 551
4) HCA Inc Nashville, TN 111 498
5) Symbion Healthcare Inc Nashville, TN 62 228
6) NovaMed Inc Chicago, IL 35 74
7) Ambulatory Surgical Centers of America Hanover, MA 33 144
8) Southwestern Eye Center Mesa, AZ 22 29
9) Kaiser Permanente Oakland, CA 19 41
10) Physicians Endoscopy LLC Doylestown, PA 18 49

More than 22 million outpatient surgeries are performed at Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) in the U.S. each year. As patients continue to pursue more flexible healthcare options, procedure migration from inpatient to outpatient settings shows little sign of slowing down.

Nashville, TN is no stranger to the amb-surg trend, boasting 3 of the top 10 U.S. ASC corporations, or chains. Just under half of the 766 ASCs owned by the 10 leading corporations are headquartered by Nashville firms.

Will ASC Market Trends Impact Your Business?
Whether you're a provider exploring new partnerships, or a vendor exploring new markets, ASC trends will continue to play a major role in our nation's evolving healthcare landscape.

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