Leading Hospital Construction

Hospital Construction Map

The above map denotes the location of more than 300 of the leading hospital construction projects -- based on estimated project costs -- across the nation that has been reported on this year.  Below are a few of the most expensive 2011 projects (Note:  List based on reported estimates.  Excludes projects with no estimates provided.).


St Rose Dominican Hospital-Rose de Lima Campus (Henderson, NV) [HNV019]
Estimated Cost:  $1,600,000,000
Description:  St Rose Dominican announced plans to build a replacement facility on a new $1.6 billion integrated health village called UnionVillage.  The new medical campus will be located on 171 acres at Galleria Dr & US Hwy 95, and will feature the 214-bed replacement hospital as well as a wellness center, a rehabilitation facility, a proton therapy center, a skilled nursing facility, physician practices, and retail space.
Report Date:  8/12/2011

Interim LSU Public Hospital (New Orleans, LA) [HLA082]
Estimated Cost:  $1,200,000,000
Description:  LSU Hospitals Health Care Services Division (Baton Rouge) plans to construct its $1.2 billion, 424-bed University Medical Center situated on 34 acres bounded by Canal St, S Galvez, Tulane Ave and S Claiborne Ave in New Orleans, LA.  The system currently operates Interim LSU Public Hospital to fill the void left by Hurricane Katrina-destroyed The Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans-University Campus.  The LSU project is part of a larger, multi-billion-dollar plan to rebuild the city's displaced healthcare infrastructure.  The entire 70-acre campus will also include a new hospital being constructed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DC), research facilities, outpatient clinics, a Level I trauma center, and support facilities the two hospitals will share to reduce operating expenses.
Report Date:  4/8/2011

William Beaumont Army Medical Center
(El Paso, TX) [HTX459]
Estimated Cost:  $1,000,000,000
Description:  WBAMC plans to break ground around Q3 2012 on the construction of a $1 billion replacement facility, which is expected to open in 2016. Plans call for the construction of a 947k-sq-ft hospital with 131 private inpatient beds to serve 55,000 active soldiers and some 176,000 eligible beneficiaries under TriCare, the military's managed-care plan.
Report Date:  2/16/2011

University Health System (San Antonio, TX) [HTX251]
Estimated Cost:  $900,000,000
Description:  UHS broke ground on its previously announced $900 million expansion and renovation project, which includes upgrading the former Brady-Green Community Health Center located downtown.  The $778 million hospital portion of the project entails establishing a new facility that will be twice the size as the old one, with about 2 million-sq-ft, including two older towers that will be refurbished and incorporated into the new hospital design.  The renovation will double the size of its badly overcrowded emergency room and increase the number of hospital beds from 498 to 713.  It will have 24 operating rooms with shell space for 11 more.  Construction is expected to take about three years to finish.
Report Date:  1/24/2011

Wishard Health Services (Indianapolis, IN) [HIN028]
Estimated Cost:  $754,000,000
Description:  Wishard announced that its $754 million replacement facility, which broke ground last year, will be named Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital in recognition of a donation to the hospital.  The 1.2 million-sq-ft, 11-story facility is located on the west side on the Indiana University-Purdue University campus in Indianapolis, IN.  The hospital, which will feature 315 inpatient beds as well as a 200-bed outpatient clinic, is slated to open in early 2014.
Report Date:  6/22/2011
Source: Billian's HealthDATA Portal 9.14.11.

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