Staffing & HR Benefits of Provider Portal

While healthcare staffing firms have long leveraged platforms like the Billian’s HealthDATA Portal in job placement programs, many providers have brought talent- sourcing services in-house as healthcare recruiting becomes more competitive.

Billian's HealthDATA Provider Portal makes the task of recruiting easier and more efficient by offering internal HR professionals access to a vast and accurate hospital and physician job candidate pool and data to determine:healthcare demographics, hospital demographics, hospital information

  • Do our staff levels align to those of other facilities our size?
  • Who has experience in the specialty area we’re looking to fill?
  • Which MDs have experience demonstrating meaningful use?
  • Which candidates are well-networked professionally?
  • Does departmental wage data hint at salary expectations?

Up-to-date, in-depth demographics on 225,000 hospital professionals and 800,000 U.S. physicians - including tested emails and social media profiles - help you find and connect with candidates that meet your search criteria.