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Aggregating more data points on U.S. health facilities than any other resource, Billian’s HealthDATA Provider Portal offers acute-care professionals 360° views into performance measures across their organization.

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Common Provider Portal Usage Scenarios

Demographics Comparison: With current and historical, enterprise-wide data on tap, healthcare executives can identify competitive advantages for patients and job candidates, as well as ID internal and external business threats.
Departments that benefit: Operational, Clinical, HR, Marketing

Staffing Assistance: With a vast, verified and up-to-date pool of healthcare executive and physician candidates to draw from (including emails and social profiles), in-house staffing and recruiting just got a whole lot easier.
Departments that benefit: HR

Service Expansion & Networking: With competitor service line and patient share insight, healthcare professionals can pinpoint areas of market loss to drive service line augmentations or identify areas for partnership potential.
Departments that benefit: Operational, Clinical