PR & Marketing Benefits of Provider Portal

Consumerism in healthcare is alive and growing. With patients shopping for hospitals that offer the clinical services they need, and the sterling outcomes they expect, patient proximity no longer guarantees facility selection. Thus, more pressure is on hospitals to engage and appeal to patients.

Billian’s HealthDATA Provider Portal aggregates the most comprehensive assortment of procedure volume, quality-of-care statistics and patient experience data on health facilities nationwide, so you can determine:hospital compare, healthcare compare, hospital benchmarking, healthcare research

  • What are our clinical and patient experience competitive edges?
  • Which specialty areas should we be promoting to patients?
  • Which regions of patient attrition need targeted attention?
  • Are there emerging patient markets that we should cater to?
  • What social media tactics are facilities using to engage patients?

Build patient engagment messages that speak to your target audience using in-depth insight into your facility's competitive advantages and patient service-area trends.