Operational & Financial Benefits of Provider Portal

For today's executive, “decision support” is largely a mountain of raw data that healthcare professionals have neither the time nor the expertise to sift through and aggregate.

If you are a healthcare executive considering service-line developments, ways to improve clinical outcomes, or even an acquisition (or perhaps all three), what are you using as the basis for the business case you’re developing?

Billian’s HealthDATA Provider Portal gives you the perspective you need to make critical healthcare business decisions:healthcare benchmarking, hospital compare, hospital benchmarking, hospital market research

  • How does our fiscal standing compare to peers?
  • How do our clincial quality outcomes compare to averages?
  • Where are we losing and gaining patient share?
  • Are there facilities we would benefit from networking with?
  • What HIT systems are our peers investing in?
  • What are the competitive edges we should be promoting?
  • Where are there areas for peformance improvement?

With access to thousands of comparative data points on the local, regional, and national level, partnered with data accuracy, ease-of-use, and excellent support, organization-wide opportunities will reveal themselves.