Clinical Department Benefits of Provider Portal

Wherever your organization lies on the EMR adoption curve, the rise of Pay-for-Performance models means poor clinical outcomes are going to impact the bottom line.

Billian’s HealthDATA Provider Portal utilizes the MedPar dataset to deliver key clinical quality measure data on hospitals nationwide. Now you can compare the effectiveness of your service-lines against competitors and peers, uncover areas for clinical quality improvement, highlight performance areas worth promoting, and maximize your differential payments.

Provider Portal gives you the perspective needed to make critical healthcare business decisions:healthcare benchmarking, hospital benchmarking, hospital comparing, healthcare provider

  • Do our clinical outcomes meet averages & expectations?
  • What clinical areas are most in need of improvement?
  • Are there patient experience deficiencies we need to address?
  • Which clinical performance areas do we lead in?
  • Are there service line gaps we should fill?

Leverage thousands of comparative data points on the local, regional, and national level to quickly and easily evaluate your clinical performance standing and implement targeted improvement initiatives.