Billian's HealthDATA Provider Portal Overview

Billian's HealthDATA Provider Portal offers healthcare professionals in acute-care settings access to facility benchmarking and business analytic tools designed to help them better understand the market and their organization’s relative status in it.

With organization-wide data on-tap, Provider Portal arms healthcare professionals with the information they need to identify competitive advantages, business threats, networking opportunities, and areas for improvement - all in a single resource.

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Key elements included in Provider Portal:
  • Financial Statements & KPIs
  • Service Area Caseloads
  • Patient Volumes & Readmissions
  • Staff Members & Wage Statistics
  • Physician & Facility Affiliations
  • Services & Procedure Volumes
  • Clinical Quality & Patient Ratings
  • Merger, Construction & Personnel News

Daily data updates keep the product relevant when accuracy counts, while cloud-based data delivery offers enterprise-wide access to easy-to-use information. Learn more about subscription benefits and features here.