Hospital Statistics for Sales & Marketing with the BHD Portal

hospital statistics, hospital marketing, hospital sales, healthcare salesBillian's HealthDATA Portal partners up-to-date information on healthcare facilities with online prospect filtering, report customization and data export tools, making the Portal the most dynamic database in healthcare.

View detailed hospital statistics on specific organizations or query an entire population of healthcare facilities using an expansive list of search criteria.

Portal features and product advancements provide you with cutting edge tools to help maximize return on your healthcare sales & marketing investment.

What Does This Mean for You?
A targeted sales approach that makes qualified, best-fit sales opportunities the first priority, increasing your win percentages and decreasing your cost-of-sales by focusing efforts on the right leads and eliminating the time wasted in pursuit of the wrong ones.

Actionable Business Intelligence
Enhanced insight into key customer accounts allows you to uncover patterns and commonalities across your existing customer base, helping you establish a model of what your "ideal buyer" looks like.

Smart Lead Management
Portal account filtering tools enable you to isolate prospects that mirror the characteristics of your "ideal buyer." Customized lead reports that target key decision makers in " best-fit" accounts can be exported for CRM import and used in targeted marketing campaigns.

Improved Sales Productivity
With Mobile access to Portal prospect filtering tools, reps can make "best fit" buyers the priority when working in the field. Detailed prospect information leaves reps equipped to bring tailored product offerings to the table, designed to appeal to each individual buyer.

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