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Physician Practice Database, physician data, practice information, physician practice contactsAs key stakeholders in the restructuring of care-delivery models, physicians offer a wealth of insight into the needs and initiatives currently playing out in provider settings.

The Billian's HealthDATA Portal offers comprehensive physician, group and practice coverage to help you identify physicians by geography, specialty, group or practice size, network affiliations, referral volumes and more. 

Physician data offerings include:

Physician Practices
507,500 Practices 
896,200 Physicians  |  141,000 Tested Emails
555,100 Executives
  |  60,800 Tested Emails

Physician Practice: A distinct address where one or more individual physicians practice. Physicians at each practice may be part of multiple physician groups.
  • NPI, license state & number
  • Specialties
  • # physicians per practice
  • Physician MU/EHR Incentive paid
  • Referral traffic volumes
  • Group, hospital & system affiliations
Physician Groups
175,600 Groups 
657,700 Practice, Hospital, System Affiliations
159,100 Executives
  |  11,900 Tested Emails

Physician Group: One or more individual Physicians registered as a group with CMS. Groups are identified by Group PAC ID and may be affiliated with multiple practices.
  • NPI, PAC ID number
  • Specialties
  • # affiliate physicians, practices
  • Referral traffic volumes
  • Practice, hospital & system affiliations

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