Hospital & Healthcare Market Research

The Billian's HealthDATA Portal puts comprehensive information on U.S. hospitals and healthcare facilities right at your fingertips.

Sales, marketing and business development professionals use online access to hospital leadership, news, RFPs, financial statements, patient caseloads, and more to drive buyer engagement and better business outcomes.

Here are a few Portal subscriber favorites:

  • Hospital Executive Placements
    Monitor new placements and leadership changes among the Portal's 247,000 hospital executives.
  • Healthcare Email Marketing
    Connect with healthcare executives instantly using over 530K tested email addresses.
  • Hospital News & RFPs 
    Use facility news as outreach cues - more than 400 news and RFP items are issued monthly.
  •© Integration
    Easy set-up and new account matching and bulk update features make it easier than ever to get buyer insight  where you need it most.

Sell smarter, not harder. Demo the Portal today.