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“An incredible portal full of precise data. In two months only we had a major return on our investment. It's the greatest tool for Health Data.”

Amélie Pelletier, System Analyst
Umano Medical
“My company does a lot of work for hospitals and healthcare systems across the country. The information we are able to extract and utilize from the Billian's HealthDATA portal greatly improves our reach in this industry and has enhanced our - overall marketing efforts.”
John Buglino, Marketing Project Manager - GRM Document Management
“Billian continues to push to make their product better for their clients. Their new user portal is just the latest evidence of this. That level of client dedication is rare in this industry and it’s why we chose Billian's HealthDATA initially and why we continue our partnership with them year after year.”
Josh Byrd, Director of Marketing - Patientco

Hospital News and RFPs

September 1, 2015
Robert Libberton has been dismissed as CEO of La Paz Regional Hospital (Parker, AZ) [HAZ049]. Vickie...

Top 10 Lists

September 1, 2015
statistics on hospital executive contacts, counts, and more...

Healthcare Blogs/News

July 30, 2015
As patients encounter roadblocks in their pursuit of personal health record access, organizations like Cinderblocks, GetMyHealthDATA.org and Vocatus are emerging to help.

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