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Healthcare Top 10 Lists

10 New Hospital CEOs
January 15, 2015
10 New Hospital CEOs in the New Year
Hospital executive moves dominate the 2015 hospital news scene...
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December 15, 2014
Top 10 Healthcare Lists of 2014
These 10 healthcare lists were the most viewed in 2014...
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Top 10 Hospitals by Digestive System Claims - Billian's Top 10
December 1, 2014
Top 10 Hospitals by Number of Digestive System Claims
These 10 hospitals have the greatest number of digestive health claims...
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Top 10 Five-Star Nursing Homes by NPR - Billian's Top 10 Reports
November 17, 2014
Top 10 Five-Star Nursing Homes by Net Patient Revenue
These 5-star nursing homes are the most profitable...
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10 Large Hospitals with Lowest HAC
November 3, 2014
Top 10 Large Hospitals with Lowest Rate of Hospital Acquired Conditions
These large hospitals have the lowest average hospital acquired conditions (HAC)
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10 Recent Hospital Closures
October 15, 2014
10 Recent Hospital Closures
A few of the most recent hospitals shuttered amid a banner year of market consolidation...
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Top 10 Hospitals Facing Reduced Medicare Reimbursements
October 1, 2014
HAC Penalty Predictions: Top 10 Impacted Hospitals by Reported Medicare Charges
These hospitals could face some of the highest HAC Medicare reimbursement penalties...
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Ten Recent CIO Placements - Billian's Healthcare Top 10 Reports
September 15, 2014
Ten Recent Healthcare CIO Placements
Hospitals and health systems welcome new technical leadership talent...
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Top 10 hospitals acquisitions based on bed size
September 2, 2014
Top 10 Single-Hospital Acquisitions in 2014
This year's largest hospital acquisitions ranked by bed size...
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Billian's HealthDATA and Porter Research analyzed hundreds of healthcare executive moves and uncovered these 10 hospital hiring trends...
August 18, 2014
INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Hospital CXO Hiring Trends
Billian's HealthDATA and Porter Research analyzed hundreds of hospital c-suite hires and found these ten trends.
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January 27, 2015

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November 12, 2014

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