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Healthcare Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Not-for-Profit Hospitals by Revenue - Billian's Healthcare Top 10 Reports
March 16, 2015
Top 10 Not-For-Profit Hospitals by Net Patient Revenue
These not-for-profit hospitals are top performers financially. (Part two of a three-part series)
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Image: Top 10 Health Systems by Revenue
March 2, 2015
Top 10 Health Systems by Net Patient Revenue
These health systems are the top performers based on net patient revenue...
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Graphic: intro to list of 10 hospitals patients love
February 16, 2015
10 Hospitals Patients Love
These often-occupied hospitals are top-rated according to patients...
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Top 10 Physician Specialties by EHR Saturation graphic
February 2, 2015
Top 10 Physician Specialties by EHR Saturation
These 10 physician specialties show the greatest participation in EHR meaningful use. Internal and family medicine aren't on the list...
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10 New Hospital CEOs
January 15, 2015
10 New Hospital CEOs in the New Year
Hospital executive moves dominate the 2015 hospital news scene...
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December 15, 2014
Top 10 Healthcare Lists of 2014
These 10 healthcare lists were the most viewed in 2014...
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Top 10 Hospitals by Digestive System Claims - Billian's Top 10
December 1, 2014
Top 10 Hospitals by Number of Digestive System Claims
These 10 hospitals have the greatest number of digestive health claims...
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Top 10 Five-Star Nursing Homes by NPR - Billian's Top 10 Reports
November 17, 2014
Top 10 Five-Star Nursing Homes by Net Patient Revenue
These 5-star nursing homes are the most profitable...
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10 Large Hospitals with Lowest HAC
November 3, 2014
Top 10 Large Hospitals with Lowest Rate of Hospital Acquired Conditions
These large hospitals have the lowest average hospital acquired conditions (HAC)
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10 Recent Hospital Closures
October 15, 2014
10 Recent Hospital Closures
A few of the most recent hospitals shuttered amid a banner year of market consolidation...
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