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Hospital, Health System Contacts & Information

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More than $800 billion is being spent annually on hospital care, with expenditures projected to nearly double in the next 10 years.

Billian's HealthDATA Portal gives you unparalleled access to hospital and healthcare system contacts and facilities, helping you stay connected and informed.

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Hospital & Health System data offerings include:

Hospital Information
6,900 hospitals | 240,000 executives
128,000 tested emails

Healthcare System Information
500 systems | 16,800 executives
9,000 tested emails

  • Health System contacts & emails
  • Health System IT trend reports
  • Health System member hospitals
  • Health System financial aggregates
  • Health System quality aggregates

Want to learn more?
Portal download subscribers enjoy unlimited searches and exports, with add-on HIT and Salesforce.com CRM Integration options available.  Demo today.

Primary market research programs from Porter Research are also available to help you evaluate and maximize your company's in-patient profit potential.

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