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Healthcare News

March 26, 2015
Researching Hospital Merger & Acquisition Trends
Billian researchers conducted text analysis of their archive of hospital merger and acquisition announcements to examine M&A activity trends since 2012.
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February 24, 2015
Benchmarking Georgia Healthcare
With Georgia HIT Day on our minds, Billian researchers took a quick look at healthcare trends in the peach state to see how Georgia healthcare stacks up.
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Healthcare Blogs

Leslie Brown, Social Media Coordinator
February 26, 2015
Social Branding Tips
Leslie Brown, Social Media Coordinator
A breakdown on the unique opportunities that different social media resources have to offer your company, including tips on ways your sales department can benefit from social buy-in.
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Leslie Brown, Social Media Coordinator
January 27, 2015
Participatory Medicine: An Interview with Regina Holliday
Leslie Brown, Social Media Coordinator
Patient voice advocate Regina Holliday dishes on patient engagement trends and what's next on her long list of patient-centric initiatives.
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Healthcare Top 10 Lists

Graphic: top 10 healthcare acquisitions by hospital beds
April 15, 2015
Top 10 Healthcare Acquisitions by Total Hospital Beds
The largest healthcare acquisitions so far in 2015 by total hospital beds...
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Top 10 For-Profit Hospitals by Revenue - Billian's Healthcare Top 10 Reports
April 1, 2015
Top 10 For-Profit Hospitals by Net Patient Revenue
These for-profit hospitals are top performers financially. (Final installment of a three-part series)
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